Enthusiasm is among the very few companies in Bulgaria with clear focus on identity and probably the only one with wide and varied portfolio of branding works in a number of business sectors. Enthusiasm’s work could be seen on shelves of the retail, in media and in public spaces. It enters peoples’ homes and daily routines and helps brands live a natural and wholesome life there. The studio works for small and fast track businesses as well as companies with 100 years of history. Gradually the studio started working quite often for international markets projects as well.

The search for the right Brand essence expression combined with high professional standards are the two factors responsible for the reputation of a leading branding company Enthusiasm has among businesses of the small and volatile market of Bulgaria. Therefore part of Enthusiasm’s work is not only creating recognizable and intelligent design but to create the brand perception as well – the way companies see and perceive themselves translated in visual and emotional signals leading consumers to the brand experience corresponding with the companies’ vision of themselves.

When the two founders worked for quite a while for a big multinational advertising agency where they noticed two major deficiencies amongst professionals: the lack of ability to be enthusiastic all along a big and complex project and the lack of strategic thinking and understanding of the main values and language of a Brand. Great starting point, great lesson!